COVID-19 Information

This information was last updated on October 27, 2020.


PLEASE DO NOT MAKE AN ONLINE RESERVATION IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ACCOMMODATIONS FOR SELF-QUARANTINE.  It is not possible to quarantine on our premises. Please call us for any questions.


If you are traveling from a Travel Advisory State you must call us to discuss your situation before making a reservation.  We are a small Inn and it is not possible to quarantine on our premises.

In response to increased rates of COVID-19 transmission in certain states within the United States, and to protect New Jersey's successful containment of COVID-19, the State of New Jersey has  issued a travel advisory.  Individuals traveling to or returning to New Jersey from states with increasing rates of COVID-19 are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days.  This includes travel by train, bus, car, plane and any other method of transportation. The travel advisory is effective at 12:01 am on Thursday, June 25, 2020.

As of October 27, there are currently 41vstates and U.S. jurisdictions that meet the criteria.

Alabama (added 6/24/20)
Alaska (re-added 9/1/20)
Arizona (re-added 10/20/20)
Arkansas (added 6/24/20)
California (re-added 10/27/20)
Colorado (added 9/29/20)
Florida (added 6/24/20)
Georgia (added 6/30/20)
Guam (added 8/25/20)
Idaho (added 6/30/20)
Illinois (added 7/28/20)
Indiana (added 7/21/20)
Iowa (added 6/30/20)
Kansas (added 7/7/20)
Kentucky (added 7/28/20)
Louisiana (added 6/30/20)
Maryland (re-added 10/20/20)
Massachusetts (added 10/27/20)
Michigan (added 10/13/20)
Minnesota (re-added 9/22/20)
Mississippi (added 6/30/20)
Missouri (added 7/21/20)
Montana (re-added 9/1/20)
Nebraska (added 7/21/20)
Nevada (re-added 9/22/20)
New Mexico (re-added 10/6/20)
North Carolina (added 6/24/20)
North Dakota (added 7/21/20)
Ohio (re-added 10/13/20)
Oklahoma (added 7/7/20)
Puerto Rico (re-added 9/15/20)
Rhode Island (re-added 9/22/20)
South Carolina (added 6/24/20)
South Dakota (added 8/11/20)
Tennessee (added 6/30/20)
Texas (added 6/24/20)
Utah (added 6/24/20)
Virginia (re-added 10/13/20)
West Virginia (added 9/8/20)
Wisconsin (added 7/14/20)
Wyoming (added 9/22/20)

If you have traveled from within one of the designated states with significant community spread, you must self quarantine for 14 days when you enter New Jersey.

COVID 19 - J. D. Thompson Inn Policies - Please be assured that your safety is our priority
  • All guests are required to wear a face mask in common areas of the Inn.
  • Please follow social distancing guidelines during your stay .
  • The Inn and guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, which has always been our policy.  We have added the use of additional products and UV light to our cleaning procedures.
  • Laundry is done in-house using laundry sanitizing products.
  • Sanitizing products are available in common areas for guest use. Please do not remove these products from the Inn.
  • The Inn has spacious downstairs common areas and a large outdoor deck, Gazebo and front porch. We can accommodate a maximum of 14 guests.
  • Guests may use our dining area, outdoor deck and Gazebo if they would like to order in lunch or dinner.
  • Due to Covid 19 restrictions we have made some changes to breakfast service.   We now use disposable dishes and utensils.
  • Daily guest room housekeeping (2 or more night stay) will not be provided at this time. Further instructions will be provided on check-in. If you have a special request please speak to the Innkeepers.